Electroless Nickel Conference 2023

Are you interested in speaking at the Electroless Nickel Conference 2023? 

Please click the button below to continue to our application where you can submit a title and abstract for review. Presentation applications will be accepted until April 21, 2023. We are looking for presentations on topics including: 

  • Improving the efficiency of an Electroless Nickel operation
  • Applications where Electroless Nickel provided a benefit or solved a customer's technical problem
  • Electroless Deposition Case Studies
  • Experience with Electroless Nickel Hybrid coating systems
  • Successful applications of Electroless Nickel, improving performance or plating through-put
  • New technology approaches

Our attendees are not interested in overtly commercial pitches for a product or service. Attendees last year indicated a strong preference to learn ways to maximize their existing assets. By presenting, you can establish yourself as a thought leader helping them to do just that.